In 2006, the Center for Community Arts launched a low power FCC licensed radio station, WCFA-LP 101.5 FM. With oversight by the Center for Community Arts Executive Director, the station is volunteer managed and programmed. The station offers an eclectic mix of music, talk radio, and the exploration of local cultural events. WCFA's all volunteer staff is multi-generational and multi-racial. The station is supported primarily through sponsor/corporate underwriting and donations by listeners like you.


Our Mission

WCFA’s mission is to support the mission of the Center for Community Arts. To build community through the arts and community history awareness - - through diverse music, talk and local affairs programs that reflect the needs and interests of southern Cape May County, and that are not available on other area commercial or public radio stations. As an all volunteer-run station that broadcasts only locally-originated programs, WCFA provides a creative outlet for people through volunteer participation in both the broadcast and non-broadcast activities of the station.

We just moved back into Cape May after being away for 30 years. My wife and I met here and are locals, and it’s great to be home. I heard your station this afternoon for the first time, which focused on great guitar solos and classic rock. The whole vibe was great, and I am interested in helping out with the station to include maybe even DJ or whatever help you need.
— Jim Faulkner
“While driving home from the Villas on Sunday morning I heard David Bromberg and then Ray Wylie Hubbard’s “Conversation With The Devil” followed by Steve Earle’s “The Devils Right Hand” and then “Evil” by Howling Wolf. I have to admit I felt as if I was at the crossroads with Robert Johnson. You truly have a gem of a radio station. Thank you “
— Charles Thomas Draper
WCFA has become my favorite station. I appreciate the creative programming and great, unique mixes of music that you broadcast. I grew up with the early Philly FM stations and have an appreciation of many genres of music. After all these years I consider myself a professional audience participant. I’m semi-retired and drive on the side. Riders have complimented my profile that I play awesome music. I don’t take all the credit though and feel good directing my passengers who are sometimes visitors or longtime area residents to WCFA. Please continue to engage.
— Tom Brooks, semi-retired, passenger car driver

What We've Achieved

  • Expanded live WCFA 101.5 FM programming to 75%.

  • 13th Soup-er Bowl Annual Fundraiser.

  • Singer-Songwriter of Cape May live coverage.

  • Launched 1st See You in September Benefit Concert, Cape May Convention Center. 2017

  • Second annual See You in September Benefit Concert, Cape May Convention Center, 2018

  • Congress Hall Ballroom Winter Concert Series recording and broadcasting.

  • Established an international radio relationship with The Voice of Bonne Bay, Newfoundland.